Sword Art Online Season 2 Trailer Introduces New Villains In The Show As Kirito Prepares For His Mission In Gun Gale Online [VIDEO] What Do We Know So Far?

The new trailer of Sword Art Online season 2 has been revealed and will feature new villains and Kirito’s quest in the Gun Gale Online.

The new trailer was first streamed in Sword Art Online’s official Facebook page as Kirito provided the narrations for the trailer.

“Because of the virtual world, real people are dying. I can’t believe that’s a possibility. But, I’ll head there if there is a one percent possibility.”

Sword Art Online season 2 will focus on the Phantom Bullet Arc as Kirito is given a task by Kikuoka Seijiro of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to play Gun Gale Online (GGO) to investigate a series of murders that are linked with the assassination features of the game. The trailer also showed the new villains that Kirito will face in GGO as according to the manga they are the remnants of the PK guild called Laughing Coffin and they are led by the mysterious and dangerous player named Death Bullet.

So far, their have been several trailers and

leaked concept art images for SAO as the Anime Expo 2014 will host the special SAO event with special guests such as SAO creator Reki Kawahara and character designer abec.

The Sword Art Online song collection will be on sale on August 27, 2014. The SAO track contains 15 character and theme songs including the two new tracks from Japanese singers

Luna Haruna


Eir Aio

as they will perform at the special pre-broadcast live concert in Tokyo’s Shinjuku Blaze venue on June 26.

Crunchyroll will be streaming the season 2 on July 5 and the series will stream in China on LeTV, in Taiwan on i-funtv, in French-speaking countries (France, Switzerland, Belgium, Algeria, Monaco, Tunisia, and in Quebec, Canada) on Wakanim and Daisuki will stream the series in the rest of Europe.

SAO season 2 will air in Korea on the cable TV station Aniplus and will also air in Thailand and Singapore on cable TV while the show airs in Japan via Tokyo MX TV on July 5 at 11:30 p.m. before the show also airs on MBS, TV Aichi, tvk, BS11 and several other stations. Finally the series will also stream in niconico and the d Anime Store.

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