Taylor Swift New Boyfriend: Karlie Kloss Reveals Her Best Friend’s Plans! Will She Take John Mayer Back? Supermodel Says, ‘No Time For Boys’

Fans of the award-winning country singer can’t wait to find out who will be Taylor Swift’s new boyfriend. The “I Knew You Were Trouble” hitmaker have been single for quite some time now, which was probably the longest she has been.

She had a series of celebrity boyfriends and the most recent was Harry Styles. TSwift and the One Direction singer only dated from December 2012 until January 2013.  After that, the American singer was linked to several guys, but none of them appears to be true.

Now the big question is, “When will Taylor Swift find a new boyfriend?” A few weeks ago, rumors came out that John Mayer wanted to reconcile with his ex-girlfriend. The 36-year old singer dated Swift from late 2009 to early 2010.

After their break-up, Taytay decided to write a song about him entitled “Dear John”, which became a huge hit. There were reports recently that Katy Perry may be writing a song about her ex-boyfriend as well. For those who didn’t know, John Mayer also dumped Katy Perry. Among the women in Mayer’s life, he still may have a thing for Taylor Swift. According to OK! Magazine, “John has been bombarding Taylor with emails and texts, telling her how much he misses her, apologizing for hurting her, and even singing into her voicemail.”

However, “Taylor swears she doesn’t want a relationship, but she’s amused by his attention,” according a source. One of the best friends of the 24-year old singer confirms this statement. Karlie Kloss revealed to US Weekly the boyfriend plans of Taylor Swift.

The Victoria’s Secret model said, “I’ve been traveling. She’s been traveling. No time for boys!” The “Red” singer is currently on tour so it will be quite difficult for her to date anyone at the moment. Kloss also expressed how she felt being one of the BFFs of the country singer.

The 21-year old model said, “Taylor is true to who she is. I feel really lucky that we connected and our paths crossed. She’s just a special girl.” She truly is that’s why we are hoping that Taylor Swift’s new boyfriend will be good for her.

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