Taylor Swift ‘The Giver’ Star Reportedly Wants Serious Movie Career, Grammy Award-Winning Singer ‘Determined To Prove Herself’ In Silver Screen Says Rumors

Taylor Swift “The Giver” star reportedly desires to become a movie star.  No doubt that “The Red” country singer has found international fame in the music world but a source told Radar Online that “she’s now eager to be taken seriously in another area of show business.”

“Taylor badly wants to be a movie star,” the source revealed. “She’s determined to prove herself as an actress and not simply a singer who dabbles in movies.”

Reportedly, the Grammy award-winning singer has made appearances in concert films and played in a small role as a high school student in the 2010 movie Valentine’s Day.

According to 3News Swift wants to gain a leading role apart from her musical skills.

“Taylor is now under pressure to make her first major movie deal. She has been offered the moon, technically, about US$10 million, to make a concert film in the vein of Justin Bieber and Katy Perry’s efforts, but Taylor’s policy of aiming high has put the kibosh on those plans,” the Radar Online insider added.

“She doesn’t just want to be known as a singer, so she’s trying to get aligned with some high profile, non-musical productions.”

Recently, Swift, 24, bagged a role in the science fiction film The Giver, together with Meryl Streep, Katie Holmes and Jeff Bridges.

The Giver is based on the Newberry Award-winning classic by Lois Lowry, set in a futuristic utopic world where no conflict exists. The story focuses on Jonas (Brenton Thwaites), a 12-year-old boy who is chosen to be a “Receiver of Memory” a huge responsibility in their society. As his lessons in memories progress, Jonas begins to see the hardships that existed in the civilizations that came before his.

Yahoo Movies reported that the film is about an isolated society where emotions, privacy, and basic colors have all been stripped away from its citizens. All the memories of how the world once was are held in the mind of the Giver (Jeff Bridges), who will pass on his knowledge to one chosen young person. But when Jonas (played by Brenton Thwaites) is selected and he learns about his capacity for feelings, his deviation from “sameness” makes him a threat to the established order.

The Giver hits theatres August 15.

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