Taylor Swift’s BFF ‘Ed Sheeran’ Reveals He Loves Stalking On Instagram!

Behind over 9.63 million Twitter Followers and 1.3 million Instagram followers, Ed Sheeran revealed on Tuesday on E! News that he is just among of the normal people who use social media for “stalking.”

In an interview with E! News, newsman Kennedy asked Sheeran what is his preferred social media between Twitter and Instagram.

‘Taylor Swift’s BFF’ then revealed that he prefers Twitter more but like using the photo sharing social media Instagram.

Sheeran to E! newsman Kennedy: “I like going to Instagram and, like, stalking, but I don’t like going to Instagram and having everything there,”

“Twitter’s the worst because I followed so many people back in the day just to be polite all they do is retweet compliments…It’s just all retweets!” added Sheeran

Asked to name some people he followed, Sheeran said that he’s only following his manager on Instagram. Sheeran told E! News that he doesn’t want his dashboard and feed to be cluttered with nonsense updates.

“I only follow him because you have to follow someone to get followers. I didn’t follow anyone and I was stuck on, like, 1.3 million…then I started following Stuart and it started going up again,” explained Sheeran

Apparently, Sheeran doesn’t have friends on his social media accounts but has a lot of friends in Hollywood.

Asked about what he likes to do with his celebrity pals, Sheeran told E! Newsman Kennedy that he does approach nights out with his hollywood pals a bit differently.

Sheeran to E! newsman Kennedy: “”In Hollywood I just kind of like to be open and go out and enjoy myself, and make stories. You know, make stories that I can tell in 20 years and be like, ‘That happened one time, that was pretty fun.”

Sheeran is slated to released his new album Multiply on June 23.

We’ll never know, Ed Sheeran might be stalking you!

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