Technology News WWDC 2014: iBeacon To Take Center Stage Honing Improved Tech Packaging in Apple Devices

Technology news WWDC 2014 rumors suggest Cupertino firm Apple will release more iBeacon tech at the Moscone Conference at San Francisco starting Monday.

In addition to adding more speakers at the center, Apple will add more iBeacon in order to give developers a better shot at incorporating technology into apps and services, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Analysts say that Apple could push for a better way to make ibeacon an integrated part of iOS8. The mobile payment service plan would also involve ibeacon tech. Put simply, ibeacon enables iOS deices to communicate wirelessly using tangible beacons in Bluetooth etc.

iBeacon for iPhone was implement in February and this would mean an improved tech package in Apple’s devices.

“.iBeacon technology has also been used by a number of companies in a variety of ways since the end of last year. Shopping app Shopkick and Macy’s

partnered to integrate the technology into stores to assist consumers, while

Major League Baseball and the

National Basketball Association have used the technology to provide enhanced live experiences,” reports macrumors.

Along with a couple of details about iBeacon at WWDC 2014, Apple will unveil iOS8, iOS X, 10.10, a home automation system and new hardware for MacPro. A MacRumorsLive Twitter account, and a live blog will allow users to take a peek at the ‘going-on’ at WWDC 2014. there is also a spoiler page for those who would like to watch the keynote at a later time.

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