‘Teen Wolf’ Season 4 Will Be ‘Nostalgic’ & ‘Stripped Down’; Cast Reveals Season 4 Secrets — Watch!

‘Teen Wolf’ Season 4 is almost upon us, and in a new video, the core reveals what to expect from a tragically Allison Argent-less season; after all, you can’t go back.

The core cast of Teen Wolf – heartbreakingly sans Allison Argent (Crystal Reed) – are speaking out in advance of the June 23 premiere of Season 4 and revealing what fans can expect from the once-campy show about teenage werewolves which is now something that viewers legitimately cry over each week. Check out the video and read on for more!

Season 3B was one of the most heavy-hearted finales of television ever. Following Allison Argent’s death and Stiles Stilinski’s (Dylan O’Brien) possession by the nogitsune, a Japanese trickster spirit (I know), the tagline for Season 4 is “Can’t Go Back”; indeed, this season, the kids are forced to move forward and move past all of the trauma they’ve faced in their short time being exposed to the supernatural. After three seasons, how long has it been since Scott (Tyler Posey) was bitten by Peter (Ian Bohen)? One year?

However, will Season 4 be much sunnier? With some terrifying villains new (mouthless thing, zombie thing) and old (Kate Argent the werejaguar), along with a mysterious “Benefactor” who is looking to destroy all supernatural creatures – including werewolves, werecoyotes, and kitsunes – it doesn’t really seem as if “Can’t Go Back” is a coping mechanism so much as it is a dire need to sprint away from each new dangerous obstacle that presents itself.

That said, the cast are blessedly painting a cheerier picture than we’ve seen in the promotional materials up until now. “Season 4, so far, is a lot like Season 1,” Dylan says. “It’s sort of stripped down from all the craziness that went on in Season 3. … The buddy-buddy scenes with Scott and Stiles that [haven’t] happened in so long… this season’s been nostalgic in ways; it’s cool.”

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“It’s funnier, it’s slower paced; it’s more of an action-adventure-comedy,” Tyler Posey adds.

Tyler Hoechlin, however, is a little more cautious – “Derek [is] gonna face a lot of new challenges.” Figures. “Challenges that we haven’t seen any of the characters go through yet.” Double figures.

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