‘Teletubbies’ Come Back After Thirteen Years; Kiddie Show To Air Sixty New Episodes

Kiddie show “Teletubbies” will soon appear again in national television as it is set to have a comeback with 60 new episodes next year, according to

After 13 years, the Halifax-based children’s programming company DHX Media Ltd. will make a latest version of the series with 60 new episodes through BBC’s CBeebies channel.

Originally shown in 1990s, “Teletubbies” was an educational children show that was once a TV hit among kids aged 1 to 4.

Four alien friends Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po with TV screen in their belly caught the 1990’s preschoolers’ attention resulting to the production of plush toys, VHS tapes, and songs that even reached the highest spot in singles chart.

“Kid’s television in particular is evergreen and some of the animated titles, in particular, are popular year after year,” said the president and chief operating officer of DHX Media Steven DeNure.

With a combination of live acting and CGI, the producers plan to update the episodes of the popular kiddie show for the younger generation who are more on to iPad and iPhone usage than watching televisions, also reported.

“For a kid watching that now, it’s no longer a television, it’s a screen you can hold in your hand. We think there are some really interesting creative opportunities on that front as we develop new Teletubbies,” DeNure added.

According to the report, the airing of the once favorite retro show will bring other viewing choices apart from the now popular “Breaking Bad,” “Game of Thrones,” and “True Detective” that are now also reaping awards.

A myriad of educational kiddie shows aside from “Teletubbies” are also set to appear in the coming years.

The sassy and ever-reliable “Powerpuff Girls” will also be seen two years from now as it will be rebooted from the 1990s animated series with Cartoon Network Studio’s production.

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