‘The 100’ Season Finale Sees Violence & Romance Escalate; Show Has Been Renewed For Season 2

“The 100” Season Finale wraps up on Wednesday, June 11, and the final episode is sure to be action-packed. Actors Eliza Taylor and Thomas McDonell spoke to HollywoodLife.com about the fights, violence and romance coming up. And find out if there’s a love triangle in the future!

Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Finn (Thomas McDonell) teased The 100’s big season ender, plus the next round of episodes (yes – the show has been renewed for Season 2)!  

“The violence escalates and the romance escalates,” says star Thomas McDonell about The 100’s season finale. So how will his character “Finn” fare in the fight? He said that by the end of the season, he becomes passive, but then things look up: “”By the very end, he does kick some ass.”

Things are also looking up in the romance department for Finn. “The romance remains,” Thomas reveals. “People like to talk about love triangles – there’s a big one between [Finn] and [Raven] and [Clarke].”

While Finn’s storyline “becomes more complex,” Clarke (Eliza) is also looking forward to some romance in her life.

“There’s this whole Bellamy [Bob Morley] thing than fans are getting really excited about, which I wasn’t really expecting, but I think that there’s definitely going to be some teasing that out,” Eliza said.

And as for the finale, “It’s just epic,” Eliza adds. “It’s such a roller coaster ride. The season finale is just like a feature film. It’s really good, and there is a huge twist that you can expect.”

The season finale of The 100 airs on Wednesday, June 11 (9/8c) on The CW.

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