The Crew Release Date Set For November 11; Gamers Who Can’t Wait, Apply For Open Beta Test July 23! Ubisoft Delivers A MMO Racer Meant To Be Played In Teams

The Crew release date was one of the many reveals at yesterday’s E3; the title won’t be out until November, but a beta test will be out on July.

Ubisoft’s The Crew is slated for a November 11 release date, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The date isn’t region-specific, but considered as meant for the US because it falls on a Tuesday, the usual schedule for North American launches.

A European release date is expected on a Friday, which should fall on November 14 of the same week. It’s still a long wait for gamers, and it’s fortunate beta testing is part of the development: Ubisoft is accommodating applications to participate in an extended closed beta. Slots are up for grabs starting July 23 at the game’s official site.

The Crew release date has been delayed before, and final confirmation should set expectations straight. The title differs from most console racing games with its massively multiplayer dynamic, with tracks set against the backdrop of the United States (


Players can assemble or be part of racing crews, in a bid to compete in races and events. Cars can be customized to be competitive in a variety of challenges, including street races, skill tests, and even endurance legs which span the length of the US.

Julian Gerighty confirmed The Crew release date at E3; a secret beta test has also been confirmed ongoing since May. Current beta testers take part in a Twitch competition streaming today and tomorrow (


Gerighty previously confirmed custom parts may be obtained through progression and with real-world purchases, so to speak. Gamers have the option to unlock car parts during gameplay; these can also be purchased with real-world money, a perk for for those looking to gain early advantage against competing players and teams.


“dual currency” approach is applicable come The Crew release date, but Gerighty assures the option to purchase parts doesn’t come with exclusives.

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