‘The Fault In Our Stars’ Reason for Tears In Theaters; Fans Can’t Help But Share Their #TFIOSFeels and #NightBeforeOurStars Moods

The film adaptation of John Green’s international best-selling novel “The Fault in Our Stars”, also known as TFIOS, undeniably made moviegoers cried with Hazel Grace Lancaster portrayed by Shailene Woodley and Augustus Waters played by Ansel Elgort.

The two cancer-stricken teens, Hazel Grace and Augustus, fall in love with each other and bring each other to live their life to the fullest until [SPOILER ALERT!] one of them has to leave. It is not only the ending that brings viewers and readers alike to tears, but the whole story itself.

People’s tweets are raining cats and dogs with hashtags #TFIOSFeels to share their experiences, emotions, and moods inside the theater while watching the movie. Here are just some of the top tweets publicly available to view and go ahead and find out which type of #TFIOSFanatics you are:


Others posted their photos before going inside the cinema, feeling excited and proud to finally watch the film after the long wait.

It seems that those who have already read TFIOS book have met their expectations, and cried once more when they watched the film adaptation this is despite expecting the scenes as tear-jerking ones. This only means that the two “Divergent” stars Woodley and Elgort were able to bring justice to the characters of Hazel Grace and Gus.

Perhaps even the exchanges of one-word dialogue “Okay” from Hazel and Gus in TFIOS film have never stopped the viewers’ tears from falling. Of course, the movie would never be complete without the roles of Peter Van Houten and Isaac brought to life by Willem Dafoe and Nat Wolff, respectively.

If there’s anyone feels most enthusiastic about the good reception from moviegoers on the first day of TFIOS film in cinema, it is John Green. The book sold 10.7 million copies and Green didn’t expect that his novel would touch the hearts of many people. He might not know the reason why most people love TFIOS, but for sure he feels glad about it.

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