‘The Good Wife’ Season 6 Spoilers: Alicia And Peter’s Marriage On The Line? Series Creator Says More Airtime For Matthew Goode

“The Good Wife” season 6 spoilers are here and apparently, Alicia and Peter’s marriage is on the line, while Matthew Goode will get more airtime when the series returns this fall.

Series co-creator Robert King dished out “The Good Wife” season 6 spoilers, particularly the dynamics of the relationship between Alicia and Peter who have very public image, but with their private understanding.

“How does that work? Can it work? Is it truly possible that you can have an agreement with your spouse that the sexual relationship is over and the love has to be put on hold, even though we’re going to use each other for what power we can give each other,” he said as reported by.

He said that Chris North and Jules Marguiles, who play Peter and Alice Florrick, are willing to take on the complex issue when the next season comes along.

Michael Ausiello of

also revealed “The Good Wife” season 6 spoilers when he wrote that Deena Lampard (Megan Ketch) being caught flirtation with Lockhart-Gardner will have major repercussions on the future of Florrick-Agos.

He wrote that the show’s producers promised that they will immediately go back to that story arc early in “The Good Wife” season 6. “So, you’re going to find (the fight for Chumhum’s business) is a continuing plot line. What Lucky Strike was to Mad Men, Chumhum is to us,” Robert King told Ausiello.

Matthew Goode, who plays a prosecutor Finn Polmar in the State Attorney’s Office, has been promoted from recurring to series regular

Alex Kretsilis wrote for wrote that “there’s definitely a possibility that the writers could be setting them (Alicia and Finn) up for romance in the future.”

“The chemistry and connection between Alicia and Finn (and really, between actors Julianna Margulies and Goode), even just across the short span of four episodes, is undeniable,” he added. “I think ‘Good Wife’ fans have really missed getting to see Alicia truly connect with other characters, period.”

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