‘The Good Wife’ Season 6 Spoilers: Carrie Preston Reprises Role As Elsbeth Tascioni? Cast Juliana Marguilles Prepares For Seven Seasons

“The Good Wife” season 6 spoilers are here and Carrie Preston has confirmed that she will be back to reprise her role as Elsbeth Tascioni, as Juliana Marguilles is preparing for seven seasons.

Carrie Preston dished out “The Good Wife” season 6 spoilers in a chat with as she said: “They’re saying they’re going to bring me back for a couple episodes. They’re not giving me [a series regular position], but hopefully there are gonna be a couple episodes.”

Although she plays a recurring role in

“True Blood,” Carrie Preston won the Emmy for guesting in “The Good Wife” and she’s again being considered for the Emmy this year for the same show. She is married to actor Michael Emerson, who himself also won an Emmy for “The Practice” and “Lost.”

Meanwhile, Juliana Marguiles revealed some “The Good Wife” season 6 spoilers in an interview with

The 48-year-old actress plays the lead, Alicia Florick, and also serves as producer of the show.

When asked by Michael Ausiello of when she expects the show to end, she joked that she expects around “18 years.” Then she turned serious as she revealed the original plan of co-creator Robert King.

“Robert’s always said he had seven years of this show in him, and my feeling is, I want to do it as long as the writer feels he has something to write,” Juliana Marguiles told

“Alicia is basically in every scene. Characters can come and go on the show, but she can’t. So as long as they’re happy to write for Alicia, I’m happy to play her. My guess is we’ll go seven seasons,” she added.

According to her timeline, fans can now expect only two more seasons of “The Good Wife.” In season 5 finale, Alicia is being groomed be the candidate for state attorney.

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