The “High School King” Cast Makes A Promise.

The “High School King” Cast Makes A Promise.
The “High School King” Cast Makes A Promise.


As if an entertaining plot and cast were not enough to draw viewers in, the stars of “High School King of Savvy” are making pledges to reward the audience for tuning in.

Seo In Guk, Lee Ha Na, Lee Soo Hyuk and Lee Yeol Eum recently shared their pledges by posting photographs of what they wrote on a drawing pad. And the actors are not asking for extraordinary ratings to fulfill their promises. Three of the actors are only hoping for the drama, which began this week, to exceed three percent.

Seo In Guk held up a note pad that said, “If we get over 3 percent viewership ratings, the actors will gift their own cherished items.”

That was the same pledge he made a press conference for the tvN drama. In the drama he plays an 18-year-old high school student and athlete who has to also lead a double life, pretending to be the director at his brother’s company. He’s good at school but learning to navigate the rules of the workplace is challenging. Seo In Guk was last seen in the horror romcom “The Master’s Sun” and the swimming film “No Breathing.” He became a star after his role in the drama “Reply 1997.”

Actress Lee Ha Na wrote that if the viewership passed 3 percent, she would record a cute song with Seo In Guk for the fans to listen to. In the drama she plays a quirky temporary employee at Seo In Guk’s company. Seo In Guk grows to rely on and like his older female co-worker but she is not interested. She has a crush on the company’s strategy director played by Lee Soo Hyuk.

Lee Yeol Eum, who appeared last year in the Drama Festival presentation “Boy Meets Girl” and can this year also be seen in “Middle School Student A,” also made a pledge if the drama reached 3 percent in the ratings. She promised handwritten letters and homemade cookies for everyone. Everyone? That’s a lot of cookies and enough letters to prompt a serious case of writer’s cramp.

But Lee Soo Hyuk, last seen in “Shark” and “Vampire Idol,” made the best promise of all. His notepad said that if the viewership ratings passed 5 percent, “I will do anything for you.” Also called “High School King of Manners,” the drama replaced “Witch’s Romance. It airs every Monday and Tuesday night.

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