The Hunger Games Mockingjay New Posters: Unsettling And Creepy? The Capitol Salutes Its ‘Heroes,’ Find Out Why Here!

Instead of showcasing the “The Hunger Games” favorite characters Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence), Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) or Gale (Liam Hemsworth), Lionsgate released a series of new posters showcasing “heroes” from Panem’s districts.

These propaganda-teasers salutes workers of each specialty-focused district, convincingly looking like a PR release from the Capitol itself-glossy and bright but with what MTV calls a “shiver-inducing” feel to it.

With a citizen from the different district modeling for each teaser, MTV reports the seven posters as being presented “in a style that we have no doubt the villainous, materialistic Capitol would approve of.”

According to RadioTimes, the “slightly eery” seven posters entitled the “District Heroes Collection.” They features District 3’s technology, District 4’s fishing industry, District 6’s transportation services, District 7’s lumber work, District 9’s agriculture, Dsitrict 10’s livestock, and of course, District 12’s mining.

In District 12, where The Hunger Games heroine Katniss Everdeen is from, a child sits on a chair looking innocent and naïve while eating an apple. The little girl’s innocence, however, is ruined by the gas mask on her lap and the mining helmet by her side, as well as the soot all over her hands and face.

Another poster shows District 7’s tough-looking lumberjack. With a tattoo-filled body, the man sits on a bench with a stack of firewood and an axe beside him. The most unsettling aspect of the poster, however, is his amputated leg and the wooden leg sitting across his lap. This is also MTV’s favorite out of the seven, with the “hunky amputee lumberjack being instructed to ‘love your labor’ by the poster.”

Fans would recognize the Capitol’s infamous brainwashing method in the quote, “Panem Today. Panem Tomorrow. Panem Forever,” printed on the posters’ side.

“Your diligent work makes us proud,” The Hunger Games Mokingjay new posters further goads, “Love your work. Take pride in your work. Our future is in your hands.”


he posters–and other Capitol propaganda materials–can be found



he Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 is set for theatrical release on November 21.

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