The Poll: Some Categories Are Close

The Poll: Some Categories Are Close
The Poll: Some Categories Are Close


There are only three days left in the poll. The winners seem set even though there is some daily variation in the order of the runners-up and a few of the rankings are very close. For example, will “You Who Came From The Stars” keep second place or will “Inspiring Generation” rise again?

“Three Days,” starring Park Yoochun and Park Ha Sun, is still the winning drama with 38.87 percent of the vote, but “You Who Came From The Stars” and “Inspiring Generation” are very close with 16.13 and 15.9 percent respectively.

The police drama “You’re All Surrounded” probably can’t catch up with either of these dramas as it only has 11.57 percent of the vote. “Emergency Couple” may be stuck in fifth place because it rated 8.75 percent. But the sixth and seventh place winners, “Doctor Stranger” and “The Prime Minister and I” are really close with 2.59 and 2.2 percent respectively.

Park Yoochun, the star of “Three Days” will likely win the Best Actor category as he has 39.19 percent of the vote, an even bigger margin of victory than yesterday. Kim Jaejoong is in second place for his role as Heo Young Dal in “Triangle.” The JYJ singer and actor earned 15.68 percent for what many are calling the best role of his acting career. Lee Seung Gi rose to third place and holds it with 10.86 percent of the vote, but Kim Hyun Joong is very close behind with 9.98 percent. It is possible that the “Inspiring Generation” star could reclaim third place with just a few more votes.

Kim Soo Hyun is in fifth place for his role as the alien Do Min Joon in “You Who Came from The Stars.” He has 7.93 percent. But Yoo Ah In is close behind him with 6.48 percent of the vote for his performance in “A Secret Love Affair.”

Nothing significant has changed in the actress category. Song Ji Hyo still holds first place for her portrayal of Dr. Oh in “Emergency Couple.” With 35.73 percent of the vote, she will be hard to beat. Gu Hye Sun holds second place for her role as an EMT in “Angel Eyes.” Jun Ji Hyun follows with 15.23 percent of the vote for “You Who Came From The Stars.” Yoona is close behind her with 13.01 percent for her role in “The Prime Minister and I.”

Ha Ji Won currently holds fifth place with 4.72 percent of the vote for her appearance n the historical drama “Empress Ki.” But Jin Se Yeon, who appears in “Doctor Stranger” and had a role in “Inspiring Generation,” is not that far behind with 3.15 percent of the vote.

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