The Kim Kardashian Video Game Lives It Up On iOS And Android! Initial Reviews Unforgiving, Breaking Down Play To A Series Of Tedious, Repetitive Tasks; Gamers Still Not Invited To Exclusive Kanye Wedd

The new Kim Kardashian video game proves Kanye’s better half can swing it on different media; Kim is far from settling down, instead staking a new claim to fame with her very own game released.

Kim’s new game may not be as ambitious as the titles released on the major Sony and Microsoft consoles. At the very least, the iOS and Android release is engaging enough to help pass the time, especially for the fans.

An hour’s worth of game walkthrough is available for fans who’d rather watch than play:

The touchscreen game sees Kim K coaching players on how to make it big in Hollywood, in a cartoony interface and gameplay which reminds of Barbie and The Sims titles. Initial reviews weren’t forgiving, though.

Fame is the goal of the game, achieved by completing a series of tasks (more like errands). Energy is the currency which helps players last, replenished by either waiting it out or by purchasing “energy credits.”

The Kim Kardashian video game is free to download and play, but the sales pitch comes halfway through, where there’s a prompt to spend real money on energy to move further. Player can opt to wait an hour or two for their energy bar to replenish.

The game’s carefree, almost reckless theme is presented in cartoony graphics, which is somewhat a reflection of Kim K’s candied public image. Stephanie Marcus of The Huffington Post reviews the Kim Kardashian video game:

“Over the course of the couple hours I played the game, my avatar did three photo shoots, walked a runway show, worked two shifts folding clothes, started a feud with another celebrity wannabe, went to a club opening in Miami and threw a drink in said wannabe’s face, was photographed by the paparazzi and took the bus between Downtown LA, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and LAX dozens of times.

In the end, the constant travel and repetitive nature of the fame game itself — coupled with my avatar’s lack of energy (aka my lack of willingness to shell out actual cash on the game) — kept me from ascending to the top of the A-list. But you know what they say, it takes money to make money. Which is something the Kardashians know all too well.” (


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