‘The Maze Runner’ Movie News: Two-Volumes Of Teaser Books To Be Launched Before September 19 Release Date! ‘The Guide To The Glade’ Introduction With Photos And Full Character Profiles

The latest in “The Maze Runner” movie news: Random House publishing is set to release two tie-in books to the movie adaptation, a month before the September 19 release date.

Fans of the book series are already fawning over the film adaptation for “The Maze Runner,” even though it’s yet to be confirmed if the movie will follow through with installments similar to “The Hunger Games” series. August 5 brings fans closer to the screening, with two volumes of published tie-ins.

The first volume is a full sampling for the film. “Inside the Maze Runner: The Guide to the Glade,” is titled after the home of the protagonists, the amnesiac boys. The book offers over a hundred photos from taken from the upcoming film, as well as character profiles, and the actors who’ll play their roles.

As is expected with movie adaptations, the second volume is a re-release of the first installment in the book series. “The Maze Runner” novel is repackaged with the movie poster on the cover, and bundled with stickers and photos to boot.

Trailer follow-ups are yet to be released, but the latest “The Maze Runner” movie news is confirmed with a cast of newcomers. Notable actors Dylan O’Brien of “Teen Wolf” and MTV Movie Award-winner Will Poulter are part of the ensemble.

The official trailer reveals part the movie’s plot, with plenty of mysteries held back. James Dasher of the book series approved of the film adaptation in an Entertainment Weekly interview.

“The trailer begins just like the book did. Although I described the opening sequence as total darkness in the book, that wouldn’t make very good sense for a movie. I think [director] Wes Ball captured the spirit of that pivotal opening moment so perfectly, showing the terror in Thomas’s eyes and the dirt and sweat and jerky movements of it all. The sounds are so perfect, cranking and squealing and metallic jolts. I got chills when the doors opened.” (



20th Century Fox reveals more of “The Maze Runner” movie news in updates; the books series of four installments is set to be released as a box set on July 8 (



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