The Most Memorable K-Drama Outfits (Male Edition)

The Most Memorable K-Drama Outfits (Male Edition)
The Most Memorable K-Drama Outfits (Male Edition)


In the first episode of “Trot Lovers,” Ji Hyun Woo’s character shows up to cheat at a marathon wearing one very bright track outfit. If you’re going to cheat at a marathon as his idol character is, it might be a good idea to wear something that’s not so loud and likely to get noticed.

But even if his character does get caught cheating and has to return the medal for participating in the marathon, he should get another medal for wearing one of the most memorably awful outfits in k-drama. Since this drama has already made one fashion joke, it should be fun to see what else his character turns up in.

He’s not the first male k-drama character to turn up in an outfit that had the potential to make you wince.

The most famous example of a memorable k-drama outfit is also a tracksuit. It’s Hyun Bin’s sequined jacket in “Secret Garden.” He shows up to work out in a jacket he feels befits his station in life and Ha Ji Won and all the serious stunt people laugh at him. It’s the symbol of how silly and arrogant he is, much the same way Ji Hyun Woo’s character is only pretending to run the marathon.

Apparently money can’t buy you good taste.

Hyun Bin’s sparkly tracksuit has been parodied many times, including in another k-drama, “Flower Boy Ramen Shop,” when it was used in someone’s fantasy to symbolize a chaebol without a clue.

Another rich k-drama character with a curious sense of style is Gu Jun Pyo, played by Lee Min Ho in “Boys Over Flowers.” Aside from Gu Jun Pyo’s unflattering curly hair, the character also made some dubious fashion choices. Jackets with fur collars for school and fur throws just for fun are a little over-the-top for school wear. Lee Min Ho also wore a few odd outfits as the much nicer Kim Tan in “The Heirs.” They included a silver sweatshirt, suitable for the Silver Surfer, and a very fuzzy pink sweater. Still, Kim Tan’s outfits are a great improvement over those worn by Gu Jun Pyo.

In all but Kim Tan’s case the fashion choices say, I’m rich, out of touch and I don’t care what you think.

But you don’t have to be a rich k-drama character to make questionable fashion choices. Some of the outfits worn by Jang Geun Suk in the present-day parts of “Love Rain” were questionable too. His character wasn’t rich but he was not humble either.

Which k-drama outfits stood out for you? Let us know.

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