The New Generation Of Models Turned K-Drama Actors

The New Generation Of Models Turned K-Drama Actors
The New Generation Of Models Turned K-Drama Actors


It’s not unusual for models to become k-drama actors. Some successful top models turned actors include So Ji Sub, Song Seung Hoon and Won Bin. And now a new generation of models is also successfully making the transition. That generation includes Lee Soo Hyuk, Kim Woo Bin, Kim Young Kwang, Sung Joon, and Ahn Jae Hyun.

Kim Woo Bin may be the most famous, having starred in “School 2013” and “The Heirs.” Ahn Jae Hyun is notable because the rookie actor had his first role in the hit “You Who Came From The Stars” and then landed another big role in “You’re All Surrounded.” Kim Young Kwang has had a drama role every year since he made the transition, recently playing a doctor in “Good Doctor.” Sung Joon is making a name for himself as a romantic comedy star.

But Lee Soo Hyuk is also adding to his acting resume. Last year the actor appeared in “Shark” with Son Ye Jin and Kim Nam Gil. He has done a few dramas and is also a favored model in music videos for 2NE1. He spoke about recent developments in his career at a recent press conference for his upcoming drama tvN’s “High School King.”

He commented on the fact that some people think Kim Young Kwang and he should consider themselves rivals in the world of models turned actors. 

“A lot of people ask us if we feel a sense of competition, but it’s actually fun for us,” he said. “We share about our casting offers and help each other with acting. “There’s a lot to learn from Kim Woo Bin and Sung Joon and we’re all doing well. We help each other. We have a good relationship.”

In  his upcoming drama Lee Soo Hyuk plays the secret son of a CEO and Seo In Guk’s rival. The two compete at work and in love. The drama is about a teen that has to fill in for his brother who is a company CEO. He goes to the office but must also keep up his grades and play ice hockey.

Lee Soo Hyuk does not feel like his fellow models-turned-actors are in a competition for the same roles.

“Each of us are different, so the order of when we receive the scripts is also different,” said Lee Soo Hyuk. “Sometimes scripts that first went to Kim Woo Bin come my way, and sometimes scripts I had go to Kim Woo Bin. It′s fun seeing things like that.”

And the models-turned actors have no problem with that.

“We’re just happy to be receiving attention,” he said.

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