The Order 1886 Gameplay Lacking According To Some Fans! Did Developers Focused Too Much On The Graphics? Game Director Shares His Insights!

The Order 1886 Gameplay: With every generation of video game consoles, things get more and more visually astounding. Graphics have always been the core factor of a great video game and the upcoming The Order 1886 game looks to carry on that fact.

This brand new IP is currently in development and more and more of its screenshots have surfaced on the internet. The breathtaking thing is that The Order 1886 simply looks spectacular. Many analysts revealed that the game is probably the best in the graphics segment. When looking at any footage from The Order 1886, viewers can go mouth-hanging for a long time. On the downside however, The Order 1886 is dubbed to be a beauty on the outside, but not on the inside. From its looks, the game is a beauty but when played, it is disappointing. Dana Jan, who is the game director on The Order, was recently asked in an interview with CVG what the team was most focused on between visuals, gameplay, and story, and this is how he responded: “I think story and visuals are very high. Gameplay is something that… it’s a game, we make games, we can’t get around it. We love games, but we also love telling stories, so I think story is always going to be at the top because it’s what we start with. It’s at the top of the pyramid and everything else supports that. I think it’d be more challenging to make a game for the gameplay’s sake, then try to make a story that fits in there” The gameplay is severely lacking in every aspect but that is nothing of high importance. Some games are simply developed to entertain, not innovate. The same theory applies for books, films and even music. At the moment, The Order 1886 is anticipating a 2015 release after production suffered a small time delay. There might just be enough time to add in more mechanism into it. Watch the trailer here:

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