The Order 1886 News: Development Tech Easier On The PS4? Game To Feature Real-Life Personalities, Inventors

The latest in The Order 1886 news has Ready at Dawn thankful for developing exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

Screenshots of gameplay were revealed earlier, and execs at Ready at Dawn was quick to justify these as raw, yet promising. Indeed, the detail and depth of the graphics indicated superb development work.

The game is a PS4 exclusive, though, with the advantage that developers can carry on without figuring out the challenges of cross-console ports. Matt Pettineo of RAD is one of the few with detailed knowledge of the technicalities of development.

The first decision was made in consideration to the large number of materials included in the game, as well as to the complexity of parameters involved. “We blend all over the place for compositing cloth with other materials. Looks great, but lots of maps/parameters! We kept adding new material models/features/params, and the G-Buffer was getting in the way.”

The Oder 1886 news is quite detailed, and they’ve yet to decide on the anti-aliasing technique to be used. Forward rendering will be the default process, though.

One of the drawbacks of forward rendering is its limitations in lighting effects, which is easily accomplished in deferred rendering. Pettineo assures this won’t be a problem for the game.

The camps are still divided between OpenGl and DirectX, but the developers at RAD aren’t fazed. New hire Ramy El-Garawny is content: “Everyone is complaining about OpenGL and DirectX while I’m sitting here happily optimizing for #PS4.”

Pettineo agrees: “Same here. It’s nice being PS4 exclusive. : )” (


In related The Order 1886 news, the game will be historically-based, featuring personalities prominent during the period. Ready at Dawn is tight-lipped with the names, but it’s likely the characters will cross paths with icons like Nikolai Tesla. The weapons used in the game are fictitious, but based on 19th-century technology, attributed to famous inventors in actual history (


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