The Prince Trailer: Bruce Willis Turns Crime Boss; Jason Patric Channels His Inner Liam Neeson To Save Kidnapped Daughter

Bruce Willis will be doing the terrorizing this time around as he takes revenge against Jason Patric in the action-packed “The Prince” trailer released byYahoo yesterday.

“People that have limbs that are amputated still feel the pain in that limb even though it’s not there. I feel that pain. And I see him,” Willis says of “The Prince” in the trailer, as he remembers the moment his wife got killed.

The new film features Jason Patric as a retired assassin who has to save his kidnapped daughter from crime boss Omar (Bruce Willis). The crime boss wants to take revenge for a 20-year-old grudge against the former assassin-The Prince-disguised as a mechanic from Mississippi. Patric then goes back to his old stomping ground, New Orleans, to seek the help of an old colleague, John Cusack, for the rescue mission.

“The Prince” also stars Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, Johnathon Schaech, Jessica Lowndes, Gia Mantegna, and South Korean actor and singer Rain (Jun Ji-hoon).

According to Yahoo, Patric will be the latest actor to score the role of a “paternal hero with a violent past” after Liam Neeson’s chance at it in “Taken.” “The Prince” follows similar elements as the “Taken” story, which Nicolas Cage has also done in “Stolen,” Aaron Eckhart in “Erased,” and Kevin Costner in “3 Days To Kill.” Sean Penn will also be trying out the role in “The Gunman” early next year, according to CinemaBlend.

48-year-old Patric was the “next big thing” in the 90’s, according to CinemaBlend. However, the “brooding, handsome and talented” actor wasn’t able to score big in commercial projects. He has since taken up challenging roles in the indie scene. He appeared in independent films such as “Narc,” “Downloading Nancy, and Guy Maddin’s “Key Hole.”

According to Deadline, this is the first time that 90’s movie stars Patric and Cusack will be seen in one screen together.

Brian E. Miller directed the film while Andre Fabrizio and Jeremy Passmore wrote the screenplay. The movie will be out in cinemas on August 22 and is also available on demand.

Watch “The Prince” trailer, released by Yahoo! below.

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