The Sims 4 Release Date Confirmed By Maxis As They Debunk ‘Delayed Game’ Rumors! When Is It Coming Out?

The Sims 4 Release Date Confirmed By Maxis As They Debunk 'Delayed Game' Rumors! When Is It Coming Out?
The Sims 4 Release Date Confirmed By Maxis As They Debunk 'Delayed Game' Rumors! When Is It Coming Out?

The Sims 4 release date has been confirmed by Maxis as the delay rumors have been debunked by them.

There are some rumors going around that claims that The Sims 4 release date will be delayed but as clarified by SimGuruGraham, the producer of the series, The Sims 4 release date will still push through at Fall 2014.

Although an official release date has yet to be revealed, according to EA, The Sims 4 will most likely be released this September. The title was originally scheduled to be released this Spring, but Maxis and EA announced back in October that the release date had been pushed back, with neither revealing the reason for the delay.

The Sims 4 is now scheduled to release this Autumn, which means, any day between the 22nd of September and 20th of December. However, The Sims 4 appeared in the recent EA fiscal Q2 release, with EA’s Q2 ending on the 30th of September. This means that if this information is correct, the title will be released between 22nd of September and the 30th of September.

The upcoming Life Simulation game from Electronic Arts, The Sims 4 has just received an 18+ rating in Russia.

The news comes directly from The Sims Russia Twitter and Facebook which clearly indicate that the game is indeed not meant for children and was almost banned.

Callum9432 of The Sims 3 Forums has provided a translation of a tweet from The Sims 4 Russia Twitter which somehow indicates that this rating is due to Russia’s anti-gay laws.

According to the Tweet, the rating ‘was granted in accordance with the law number 436-FZ on the protection of children from information harmful to their health and development’.

The law number 436-FZ mentioned above includes the propaganda of non-traditional sexual relationships as harmful. Whether this will actually be implemented or not remains to be seen, but if a Russian weblog is to believed, the rating will change eventually just like it did with The Sims 3.

As for the United States, the rating by the ESRB is still pending, but since there are two separate organizations – in Russia and US – for the game, it is not necessary that US will also receive an 18+ rating. Besides, every other Sims game out there – both on Mobile and PC – has always received Teen rating.

Gamers from the LGBT couldn’t be happier though as one gamer from NeoGaf “FireStartedRunNow”, a who admits to being a “gaymer” (gay gamer” said that the Sims franchise are champions of the LGBT movement and are pioneers of the field when it comes to games.

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