The Unexpected Judgment On Group B Holland And Chile Match Made Fans’ Go Hysterics With Excitement


The Fall’s album from 1988,”I Am Kurious” may just have the songs that Holland have in mind for the World Cup.

A 5-1 victory against Spain and a 3-2 triumph against Australia put Holland atop the pedestal. Stars Arjen Robben and Robin van Persie will face Chile in a much-awaited match. However, Van Persie will have difficulties achieving two bookings and three goals in his opening games. Striker Memphis Depay, is the only hope to lead Holland to its winning edge.

Jorge Sampaoli wanted midfielder Arturo Vidal and Charles Aránguiz out of the team. Vidal has just suffered from knee surgery, while Aránguiz had a right knee sprain. Both players belong to the yellow cards.

Many predicted that Holland and Chile would not make it to the finals of the tournament.  A lot of people also foresee the loss of Spain to Australia in the long run. The teams from South America and Europe have sparked the World Cup extraordinarily even more.

The team which will win this round will not tackle Brazil in the second round and will have a match with Croatia or Mexico, and a quarter final match with Costa Rica or the group C runners up, Ivory Coast, most likely.

“If you look ahead a bit, in theory you are better off than if you come second,” Van Persie said positively. Persie even indicated wishing to face Brazil later on in the tournament.

The second winning team will have a match with Brazil, or Colombia, Uruguay or Italy in the quarter finals.

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