The Wheels Are Finally Turning For The Metal Gear Solid Movie Adaptation! Sony Pictures And Konami Taps Unlikely Candidate To Direct

After years of anticipation and delays, there’s finally hope of the Metal Gear Solid movie being realized.

Sony Pictures is setting the wheels in motion on the live-action film adaptation of Solid Snake, according to reports. Executives are having initial talks, with Jordan Vogt-Roberts being tapped to direct.

Vogt-Roberts is known for his work on “The Kings of Summer,” a coming of age film; early critics question his involvement in the Metal Gear franchise, with a resume of reflective works. One of his recent successes is the Sundance feature “Successful Alcoholics,” which stars Lizzy Caplan.

The project is produced by Sony Pictures and Avi Arad (“Spider-Man”). The long delay in production is credited to a creative disagreement between Konami games and Sony Pictures, on how the plot should translated from the game and into film.

Both companies apparently can’t stay on the same page with the Metal Gear Solid movie, on how to unravel the storyline. The game series’ creator has hands-on involvement in the adaptation, previously stating the movie will revolve around Solid Snake.

Actors are still being pooled for the Solid Snake role, with creator Hideo Kojima seriously considering Hugh Jackman for the stint. Recent reports hint that the execs are going for a newcomer actor instead. Kojima currently supervises the development.

The Metal Gear Solid movie isn’t the only game franchise being tapped for a movie adaptation. Ubisoft alone has six movies being slated for production, involving acclaimed games like Assassin’s Creed and the newly-released Watch_Dogs.

The Warcraft, Minecraft, and Angry Birds series are also being adapted for the big screen. Need for Speed is the gaming industry’s latest commercial success, although the movie wasn’t received well by critics.

The next installment to the Metal Gear franchise is dubbed “Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain”, a follow-up to “Ground Zeroes,” released last March. Metal Gear Solid movie updates are expected in the coming weeks, especially on June 9 at E3 (


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