There’s a New Resident Evil Game In The Works, But It Won’t Be Part 7; Fans Anticipate Capcom’s RE Spinoff Pays Homage To The Series’ Roots

Reports of a new Resident Evil game are currently bubbling in the forums, but it’s not the 7th installment fans of the series expect.

The E3 event this June might just be the first time Capcom releases anything official concerning their survival horror franchise. Capcom’s next offering won’t be a continuation of Resident Evil 6, though, but a spin-off similar to Revelations.

Reports started circulating at NeoGAF forums, later confirmed by a variety of sources. Capcom’s failure to make any official statement means the leak still needs validation, but details are available for consideration.

The new Resident Evil game should tide fans through, until the seventh installment comes out. Fans also welcome

new content, especially with the majority disappointed at how RE 5 and 6 turned out.

Sources can assure several details on the next RE game. It is not the RE 7, for starters, and details are revealed at E3 2014. The title will involve three characters from previous RE installments, a male and two females.

Two out of the three characters weren’t part of any RE title in a decade (source claims). One never had a pivotal role in gameply, in-game.

The new Resident Evil game is likely prepped for release on multiple platforms, including the next generation of consoles. Resident Evil: Revelations was initially released on the 3DS, Capcom’s reboot of the series; the title brings gameplay back to its survival horror roots.

The title was overhauled with improved graphics, and then ported over to the PC and the PS3, Xbox 360 consoles. With revamped, HD graphics, RE: Revelations was considered by fans as a valid addition to the series, instead of a spin-off (


The game’s focus on puzzle-solving and exploration offered a breath of fresh air for gamers disappointed with the last trilogy of RE’s dynamics. There are also reports that the new Resident Evil game is actually The Evil Within, described as a cross between RE and Silent Hill.

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