Think Facebook Mobile App Drains Too Much Of Your iPhone’s Battery Life? Here Are Tips On Better Energy Consumption!

Rumors say the App that consumes battery of the iPhone is Facebook app. It seems that the social networking site can eat up minutes when it keeps updating, launches and when posting photos of friends and writing out posts.

There is more to the iPhone though that just being a way of communicating with people. It can be used for entertainment. However owners do have to worry about the battery life, but luckily there are some things that you can do to make the battery last longer.

Turn on auto lock sooner, so that your iPhone is put to sleep when you are not using it. Change this to between 1 to 3 minutes by going to settings – general – auto lock.

If you don’t have to have email pushed to the phone you should disable push email. The less you access the network the more battery you will save. So you can set the phone to check email less often by going to settings – mail, contacts, calendar – fetch new data and then choose.

iOS 7 brought with it animated wallpaper and this moves underneath your app icons. While it does look cool, it is a battery drainer. To turn it off you can go to select dynamic background in the wallpaper and backgrounds menu.

If you have data speeds that are very slow you can put the phone into airplane mode and this will close off all data transfers and so use less power.

There is a multitasking feature that is easy to use and which you can use to close down apps. If an app is on your phone and it isn’t doing anything you can double tap on the home button and swipe app cards to the top of the display to close them.

Don’t keep checking how much battery is left on the device as to do this you need to turn on the display and this uses battery.

Turn of the battery usage indicator and this can save you battery life. You can do this by going into settings – general and usage.

If you are not using 3G or 4G then you may want to turn off cellular to save battery life. While connecting to Wi-Fi is faster than 3G, it only works in hotspots and keeping it turned on all the time drains down the battery.

You should turn off location services and Bluetooth when you are not using them as both use a fair amount of battery.

Dim the display and you can do this by going into setting – brightness and wallpaper and make sure that auto brightness has been turned on.

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