Thomas Mueller Led Germany To A Miracle Win


Some coaches commended Thomas Müller’s extraordinary goal scoring talents after his scored goals led USA and Germany to advance to the last 16 round.

This phenomenon is to be expected, considering Joachim Löw and Jürgen Klinsmann scored four goals in a row, in three matches Müller is Brazil’s leading player and the first one on that, to get the Golden Boot award. Müller only needed to strike five goals, to get the winning streak for South Africa, which surpasses goals other players have achieved in the matches.

“There isn’t a team in the world that wouldn’t like to have Thomas Müller on its side,” Klinsmann complimented of the player. “He is a remarkable player.” Löw commended the player’s emotional and physical endurance. “He is mentally strong, a very smart player who always seems able to find space, but physically he is in great shape as well. He is the one who runs the most kilometres but he makes it look easy, even the heat doesn’t seem to affect him.”

Despite the rain in Recife, the player managed to toughen it out with USA goalkeeper, Tim Howard.

“There was a corner, and as I took up my position at the back of the area I realised there was no one standing next to me,” he narrated. “I thought I could shoot from there and tried to get a message to the winger to hit the ball straight to me, but I couldn’t do it and there was a cross for a header instead. But when the goalkeeper saved the header the ball ricocheted in my direction exactly where I wanted it in the first place. I already had the far post lined up and I hit the ball just the way I wanted to hit it.”

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