‘Thor 3 Ragnarok’: Marvel Might Not Kill Thor Off Despite Apocalyptic Plot; Fans Will Get A Greater Thor When He Returns To The Big Screen In 2017

Despite rumors that the god of thunder will meet his doom in “Thor 3 Ragnarok,” new reports are suggesting that Marvel might tweak the apocalyptic plot to keep him alive.

As Air Herald speculated, “As with most Marvel movies the audience has certain expectations going in to Thor 3 because of the comic books, but it would be short sighted to assume we know what will happen just because it’s inspired by the “end of days” Ragnarok story. After all many (if not all) of the Marvel movies we’ve seen include their own unique twists to the stories, where some characters are omitted, others are added, deaths are avoided, and in some instances stories are changed quite significantly.”

“Thor is an important part of the Avengers and it’s already been suggested that Chris Hemsworth will reprise the role for 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War Part 1.”

Previous “Thor 3 Ragnarok” rumors have claimed that Thor, Loki, Odin and Heimdall, as well as the all of Asgard, will be destroyed because of the Ragnarok.

As HNGN reported, “The titular character, played by Chris Hemsworth, may not even be spared depending on how closely Yost chooses to adapt his screenplay from the “Ragnarok” comic book in which Thor dies. His death comes among others during a massive battle between the Nine Realms that Loki, who currently sits on the Asgard throne, may have a hand in starting.”

Marvel President Kevin Feige hinted that Thor will be pushed to greater heights in the third installment.  “We plan on taking Thor to another level. It picks up where we leave Thor in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ and impacts everything that comes after,” he shared.

“Thor 3 Ragnarok” is slated for a July 28, 2017 release.

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