‘Thor 3’ Spoilers: Will The Mighty God Of Thunder Have A New Love Interest In The New Movie? Is It Goodbye Jane Foster And Hello Lady Sif? There Might Be A Possibility Of Having A Love Triangle!

New “Thor 3” spoilers suggest that Thor’s lady love Jane Foster won’t be back in the next movie.

According to Unleash the Fanboy, this latest development in Chris Hemsworth’s Thor will be initially seen in the new “Avengers” movie- “The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron.”

In one scene at the Avengers Tower, the heroes are seen having a good time.  They even take turns trying to pick up Thor’s hammer.  No one was successful in doing so, except for Captain America who moves the hammer ever so slightly. 

But even with all the hullabaloo, Thor can be found sulking at the bar.  This is where it was revealed that the Asgard god is no longer with Jane because of her budding relationship with Richard who was first seen on “Thor: The Dark World.”

This surprising twist may not be everyone’s cup of tea most especially when Thor and Jane were seen getting things right and sweet at the end of “Thor 2.”

If this is true, rumor has it that Thor could now finally pursue Lady Sif back in Asgard. The feisty warrior is known to have developed romantic feelings for Thor.

But, there are also rumors suggesting that another character might join the next movie and could possibly be in a love triangle with Thor and Lady Sif.  Amora the Enchantress has been rumored to be the newest addition to the cast with “The Wolf Of Wall Street’s” Margot Robbie playing the role

In a previous article, it has been said that Marvel  in January 2014 that “Thor” and “Thor: The Dark World” writer and SVP of Production and Development at Marvel Studios Craig Kyle will reprise his writing role for the next installment, along with longtime collaborator Christopher Yost.

“Thor 3” is slated to have a 2016 release date following another Marvel hit “The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron.”

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