Titanfall 2 As PS4 Exclusive Rumored! Larger Maps, Airborne Titans, And Automobiles Demanded By Gamers! Possible Additions Under Deep Discussion?

Titanfall 2 As PS4 Exclusive Rumored! Larger Maps
Titanfall 2 As PS4 Exclusive Rumored! Larger Maps

Microsoft’s biggest bet this year was Titanfall which was supposed to be an Xbox One exclusive; but it is already being rumored that Titanfall 2 will come to PS4 as well.

Respawn entertainment, the team that is working with EA has confirmed that they look forward to supporting the game for a long time but they have yet to announce a second installment as of the moment. With the tremendous success the first installment garnered, it  would be wise for the developers to create a follow-up to this game. If in fact a second installment is coming, 2015 or 2016 could be the ideal release dates. As early as now, fans of the game already have a wish list of what they want to see in the sequel. All these features could immensely add to the game play and increase the longevity of the title.

Larger Maps

At first, developers mentioned Titanfall was not designed to be a huge game; hence it can’t feature bigger maps, but that is what the bigger game titles recipe to success. No one is asking Respawn to come up with an expansive world that’s as huge as Battlefield or Grand Theft Auto but having Titans to work with, a wider map is a plus. The tight corners give the Pilots a tactical advantage but it can be extended into the bigger space as well, so that the balance in the game could be maintained. Increasing the map size obviously means more than just six players can participate. With the expansion, gamers could only hope for at least twelve versus twelve matches in Titanfall 2.


Titanfall cannot be called Humveefall but gamers could use some vehicles. If the developers can increase the map size and bring in vehicles like armored tanks, jeep, bikes among others, it will drastically improvise the game play experience. How cool will it be to lay it on the line and speed in front of a moving titan in a bike and jump on to it then disable it? The addition of vehicles will make it a bit more like battlefield but it will immensely make the game more interested to keep on playing for hours without getting bored. There could even be maps where players play most time driving through the landscapes.

Airborne Titans

Respawn could consider adding Titans which can move faster like an automobile or hover-jump to a certain extent. For this to happen, the maps should be bigger and there should wide areas available where two titans could hover to fight each other. Besides, only if they could move faster, they can catch up with tanks and destroy them a la Hulk! Bringing these additions is definitely going to make Titanfall 2 an extremely popular online FPS. But, will they do it?

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