Titanfall 2 Coming To PS4? Sony Allegedly Aiming To Nab The Xbox One Exclusive As Soon As Contract With Microsoft Expires!

Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall was expected to ignite the sales of the Xbox One and while the game did superbly in sales, Microsoft’s next-gen console is still sinking behind the PS4.

Despite all the good remarks and reports on Titanfall, the brand new FPS title failed to be a massive title thanks to its exclusivity with the Xbox One. There is a lot of potential for Titanfall and it is being blocked by the gaming console. It is also pretty sure that Sony, EA and Microsoft are all well aware of this.

Recently, a new rumor has surfaced which suggest that Respawn is already developing Titanfall 2. Instead of it being for the Xbox One, the rumor suggests that the sequel will have a PS4 version.

To be specific, gaming analysts believe that Respawn is closely working on to the development of the game. The sequel to the great Titanfall is considering to make its debut on the PS4.

Microsoft saw a lot of potential in Titanfall and they made a deal to have it as an exclusive, but it seems that Respawn could be having second thoughts after the recent Sony announcement.

Sony is said to be negotiating to get Titanfall onto the PS4. Sony could be late coming in but when the deal expires with Microsoft it could happen. Sony said that if it came to the PlayStation they would triple the sales that Microsoft had made.

The CFO for EA, Blake Jorgenson said that he was sure than sequels would be made for Titanfall and they would arrive on the PlayStation and Nintendo platforms.

It is back to the drawing board for Microsoft as Titanfall failed to give a lift to its Xbox One. With many great things coming to the console, we don’t expect the US tech giant to be worried for the dark times ahead.

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