Titanfall Monsters DLC Release Date On August 2014 As Pricing Of The New Bonus Content For The Xbox One, Xbox 360 And PC Leaked Online!


The Titanfall Monsters DLC release date has been confirmed and its price has been revealed by the devs as well.

One of the latest games has been Titanfall and the game did live up to all the hype that surrounded it. But it seems that it’s not going to end here for the FPS. Respawn could make the game much better as they have a number of DLCs lined up for it.

The developer let it be known that three DLCs are coming out for Titanfall this year and more maps are coming to the game. The DLCs will come with a price tag of $10 each, however if you have a season pass you get them for just $25.

According to Cyberland the Titanfall Monsters DLC release date is on August 2014 and it is going to be sold at $10 only.

The community manager at Respawn said that the DLC isn’t just bringing maps to the game. Official artwork book monsters are also coming. A lot of work will go into these to make sure that they balance within the game.

Vince Zampella said that anything classed as being core to the game isn’t going to be charged for. Only additional content is coming with a price tag. The private match option or instance will not be charged for.

While Titanfall is a great game, it is lacking a free-for-old mode and this is something is typically core to a FPS. No doubt this is something that Respawn will consider in the future.

So it is looking as though Titanfall is going to be a big name when it comes to FPS.

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