Tito Ortiz Continues To Slam Dana White! ‘The Huntington Beach Bad Boy’ Open To Making Peace With Former Promoter, Calls UFC President A Fake?

Tito Ortiz has continued the smack talk against Dana White, which is still in relation to the long-standing feud between the two men.

In late May, “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” made some unpleasant statements about his former manager and promoter, mainly focusing on their strained relationship in the last two years.

“It’s very childish, the things that he says,” Ortiz explained in an interview in May. “When I walked away from him, I thought it’d be over. But then, throughout the last two years, just little things that he would say just to bark up a little bit.”

Tito Ortiz talked about Dana White once again, most recently in an interview with

as he went on to refer to the UFC President as a “chick who has a crush.”

“He’s like a chick, man,” Ortiz said. “He’s like a chick who has a crush, and will never leave me alone, or he’s trying to get me back. I don’t know, I just keep my mouth shut about him, and I just let him rant and rave about me.

“At least his talking about me,” he continued. “I guess I can thank him for that.”

Tito Ortiz and Dana White have not been in good terms for a number of years now. In 2005, “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” challenged his promoter to a three-round boxing match. It did not materialize after Tito Ortiz failed to show-up for the weigh-ins.

However, Tito Ortiz says he is open to make amends with Dana White, but he does not see it happening any time soon.

“I would love that to happen, but I mean it’s, a big factor with Dana is just (that) his ego is too big for itself, and I can see right through it,” Ortiz said.

“I don’t trust people very well and I have just known him for so long, I can just see through the fakeness. You can just see it through the fake smile,” he added.

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