TLC’s New Show ‘Escaping Alaska’ Is The Next Big Thing?

TLC is premiering a new show about Alaska that has absolutely nothing to do with what you’re thinking.

The new show, titled “Escaping Alaska,” is about five young Eskimos who “plot their escape” to sunny San Diego, according to

The six-episode series will show the “dramatic and emotional” journey of Mary, Frank, Tamara, Qituvituag and Nuala, who are heading out to California to explore a place outside of their villages and small towns.

“Although they love their families and take pride in their heritage, they are yearning for more fulfillment and different experiences,” TLC stated in today’s announcement.

Eskimo communities are reportedly very insular and leaving is considered the worst betrayal in that culture, according to the publication

zap2it. Instead of revealing to their families that they want to leave and explore the world, each member of the cast create a unique cover story to “deceive” their families and leave home.

The five cast members will ultimately have to face the decision of whether to return to Alaska or stay in California for good.

“‘Escaping Alaska’ provides a rare window into a remote world that is quite foreign to many of TLC viewers – a look at the lives of an endangered culture and private community that is seldom seen by the lower 48,” stated Jon Sechrist, vice president, production and development of DNI, who commissioned and executive produced the series.

Sechrist added, “The series is a fascinating study of people struggling to preserve their traditional way of life, and the aspirations of its younger generation who are seeking their own way. The five characters featured are a microcosm of their community.”

The new TLC show will make its global debut on Sunday, July 27 at 9PM ET/PT. It will then premiere internationally to more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.

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