Tom Cruise ‘Edge Of Tomorrow’ Premieres In Three International Cities In One Day; Actor Attends Each As Proof He Invented The International Press Tour

Early reviews of Tom Cruise “Edge of Tomorrow” are positive, and this is one of the many times the actor meets expectations.

Cruise staked his claim on the invention of one of the film industry’s biggest marketing weapon, though. The international market is crucial to any film’s success, and the actor maintains he invented the press tour years ago.

Cruise went on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show this week, as part of a promo stint for his latest sci-fi action thriller. Arguing about his involvement in movie promotional tours, he said everything started in 1986.

He said he went on his first promotional world tour for the movie “Top Gun.” Tom Cruise “Edge of Tomorrow” is yet to be determined a blockbuster success, but with the actor’s record for top-billing critically-acclaimed movies, it’s unlikely the new movie will flop.

“We traveled all over the world… Italy, Paris, Japan… I always wanted to travel… It took four months, this tour. We used to do these tours foreign and it would take months. You’d spend weeks in one place, which I loved spending that time…”

Cruise was set to take on several notable projects during that time, including “The Color of Money” and “Rain Man.” He was in Paris, and realized the appeal of international, extended press tours.

Tom Cruise “Edge of Tomorrow” is but one of the actor’s many sci-fi projects. He has previously starred in pictures like “War of the Worlds,” “Oblivion,” and “Minority Report.”

“That’s when I kinda came up with the idea of doing like, a country, and I thought we’d do a country in a couple of days,” he continued. “I like premieres. I came up with the idea of, let’s have premieres in different countries, and then kinda do it that way.”

Tom Cruise “Edge of Tomorrow” has premiered in London, Paris, and New York in the same day, all of which the actor has attended (


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