Tom Cruise in Talks to Appear on ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’

Tom Cruise has been named as one of the actors who may appear on “Star Wars: Episode VII,” after he spent some time in London and met “Star Wars” director JJ Abrams.

Multiple sources confirmed that Cruise and Abrams discussed the possibility and decided as to whether or not Cruise will be fit to star in the film – but only in a cameo performance, Sky News noted.

A source told

The Sun, “Tom has been in London for over a week and met up with JJ and some other people from Star Wars at the weekend. On Saturday evening, five of them met up for dinner and drinks at the Belgravia Hotel. JJ produced M:I5 and loves working with Tom whenever he gets the chance.”

The possibility that Cruise may be added into the film comes after Harrison Ford met an accident on the set of “Star Wars: Episode VII.” This means that the film’s creators will have the chance to add characters and tweak the schedule to accommodate Ford, the

Huffington Post UK reported.

“Losing Harrison is going to set things back a little scheduling wise and there’s some time to play around with,” the source confirmed.

Meanwhile, Ford broke his leg on the set of the film after a door fell on him. Immediately after, he was brought to a hospital and cared for.

Unfortunately, even though his recent leg surgery was considered successful, “Star Wars: Episode VII” creators confirmed that he would still need at least eight weeks to recover and then get back to filming for his role as Han Solo.

Meanwhile, multiple sources confirmed that Lucasfilm is currently in talks to take the helm of Star Wars Episodes VIII and IX for its next two movie franchises

Rian Johnson, 40, will most likely be taking over the franchise from Abrams, the

Daily Mail revealed.

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