Top 5 Android Games Of 2014: Injustice: Gods Among Us Remains As The Best Game Of All TIme! What Games Came Close To It?

2014 has been a great year for mobile games on Android devices. Many new titles have been released and many of them are likely to go down in the Hall of Fame of mobile games. As gamers expect better games graphic and content wise, here’s a list of games considered as top games of the year.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Probably the most graphic intensive game but also the best one for comic fans out there, Injustice never fails to keep the interest of their gamers at an all-time high. The game routinely updates with new characters available through challenge mode, and now Neatherrealm Studios has added a 7 stage and an online mode where players can compete with other player’s roster.  

Smash Hit

This is another very popular game of 2014 on Google Play. It seems like an easy game, but as you progress to the higher levels, it gets quite challenging. The purpose of the game is to smash glass objects that obstruct your path, by throwing steel balls at them. You must also toss the balls at pyramid like glass structures, which enable you to get more balls. You must not miss any of these pyramids and must hit a sufficient number of them and at the same time, not get hit by the objects. If you can accomplish this, you will receive more number of balls. This will enhance your chances of winning, otherwise you may run out of balls and die. Though the game is very easy to play, you will need a bit of practice in the beginning. You can download it for free, but there is one IAP for unlocking the save feature. You need to have this for playing the game twice or more number of times.

The Walking Dead

It is based on the comic television show about people who survive a zombie apocalypse. The game does not have much to do with the series. The player has to make important decisions, which can be life and death dilemmas. The decisions that you make in one episode also continue to the next one. The player gets control of Lee, who is a convict being offered a second chance. In addition, you must also keep a little girl, who has been abandoned, safe and sound. The first season is offered for free download. You will have to pay $15 for the entire season or $5 for each episode. It is very probable that you get so hooked on to the game that you will go in for the entire paid season.

Enemy Unknown

It is a mix of strategic combat and base building. Players have to complete missions of clearing aliens and control global panic. They have to make intelligent use of mobility and other skills and keep their squad alive. Rookies have to be trained from scratch if a member is dead. You get rewards when you complete a mission and have good relations with other countries for receiving funds.

Cut the Rope 2

This is a free game and is a sequel to the adventures of Om Nom. The game continues with the old rope cutting features, but in this version, Om Nom is let open in the whole wide world. The character has to pass jungles and junkyards and go through different environments to discover his favourite candy. There are many IAPs to the game. These offer various outfits for the character and a lot of additional game content. There is no option for buying the game outright.

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