Touching Scene as Australian Midfielder Mark Bresciano Help ties Laces for a Mascot at the World Cup

It was like any opening game between two teams ready to start a match. They went inside the field and begin to march to start the singing of the National Anthem. But it was not like any other opening match at all; instead it turned out to be a touching scene.

People have this connotation for professional footballers as egotistical, conceited and spoilt individuals but what Australian midfielder Mark Bresciano change a lot of people’s minds.

As Team Australia were walking down the field for the customary pre-match anthem together with their team mascots, Bresciano noticed that one of the mascot was walking slower than the rest. He then noticed that his shoe lace where untied.

The boy was on crutches, so the 34 year old footballer bent on his knees and tied the shoelaces for him. A picture was taken for the sweet gesture and went viral on the internet.

When asked why he did help the child he said “It is always nice to have kids share that walk out because it is so special for them.” He added “The boy was a little slow walking out and I noticed his shoelace undone so I did what any parent would do, any player for that matter, I just helped him out and tied it back up. I had no idea the photo had been sent around the world but I’m just glad the boy had a good time.”

With regards to the photo, the midfielder said “I had no idea the photo had been sent around the world but I’m just glad the boy had a good time.”

The picture was taken by photographer George Salpigtidis and was posted on twitter. When asked how he got the picture at the right time he answered” I saw the boy was on crutches, and knowing Bresc to be a very humble individual, I just had a feeling something might happen. Not all footballers are like that. Usually you concentrate on someone like the captain, but I felt I had to keep watching Bresc.”

Mark Bresciano has been with Australia for a very long time. He started his international career as footballer since 2001 up to present.

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