‘Transformers 5’ Rumors, Spoliers, Cast: Next Installment Will Be All About Autobots And Decepticons; Last Flick For Optimus Prime?

'Transformers 5' Rumors

'Transformers 5' Rumors, Spoliers, Cast: Next Installment Will Be All About Autobots And Decepticons; Last Flick For Optimus Prime?

“Transformers,” science fiction movie is rumored to be released with a new storyline for its upcoming fifth installment, according to Vine Report.
Enstarz reported that director, Michael Bay will make a comeback in the upcoming movie. The script for the movie has already been jotted down and is under review according to Stephen J. Davis, president of Hasbro studios.

Stephen also said that the new series will release three sequels for the movie in the coming years. He also revealed that the new adventure film from the Transformers series will feature two storylines, one focusing on Cade Yeager’s character, which will be enacted by Mark Wahlberg, Hollywood actor and other on Optimus Prime’s search for his creators, reported Realty Today.
Transformers, since its inception, has portrayed about how the robots affect the human beings. The movie will showcase “Cybertron,” the planet of Autobots and Decepticons. The upcoming movie may focus more on robots and less on human intervention in the machine world.
Yibada reported that the new plot for the sci-fi film is rumored to emphasize on the past lives of the “Mechanoids.” The film will feature the lead character, Optimus Prime for one last time, as the new story is rumored to set the base for other Autobots and Decepticons.
Earlier, Avika Goldsman, film writer revealed in an interview that Cade Yeager’s relationship with the Autobots will take a new twist in the first part of the film. It is rumored that the second part of the film will dramatically reveal “Quintessons,” as Optimus Prime’s creator and also as the main villain of the film, reported Parent Herald .
Transformers actress, Megan Fox is also rumored to make a comeback in the fifth installment after her patch up with Michael. Earlier, Megan was shown the way out of the film “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” because of her disputes with Michael.
The film will also feature new Autobots named “Ultra Magnus, Red Alert and Override” with “Scourage, Blitzwing and Cyclonus” as the new Decepticons.
“Transformers 5” is rumored to be slated for a 2017 premiere worldwide.

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