Triangle” Kim Jae Joong’s Suit Manners

Triangle" Kim Jae Joong's Suit Manners
Triangle" Kim Jae Joong's Suit Manners

 “Triangle” Kim Jae Joong shows how a date is supposed to be in the most ideal way and targets the hearts of females with a changed heart.

On the episode of MBC Monday/Tuesday drama “Triangle” broadcast on June 2, there were couple shown.  The Huh Young Hee and Oh Jung Hee (played by Kim Jae Joong and Baek Jin Hee) are a couple with growing popularity and this Dahl-Hee couple released still cuts of the date

In the released picture, Kim Jae Joong is wearing a suit and taking his top buttons off while showing a natural yet sexy side.  He definitely opens up the car door and as a rookie in societal life, Baek Jin Hee is wearing neat clothes as Jae Jong is looking at Jin Hee is a warm way.

In the drama, Oh Jung Hee (played by Baek Jin Hee) is renting and getting closer to Huh Young Dahl.  Jun Hee doesn’t seem to dislike this and is getting close to him too.  Another man that likes Jung Hee is Young Dahl’s sibling Yoon Yang Ha (played by Lim Shi Wan).  Yang Ha has gone closer to him from the beginning but Jung HEe said that the two are in different positions and places in life, rejecting him.  They had separated because of an unfortunate incident and didn’t know each other.

On the website for “Triangle” many are interested in the Dahl Hee couple and netizens are showing great interest as well in their romantic dates.

Meanwhile, “Triangle” is about three brothers that get separated after an unfortunate incident.  The oldest brother becomes a police officer and the second brother becomes a third world bum.  The third brother grows up in a wealthy home and they end up meeting each other while not knowing each other.  It is broadcast every Monday and Tuesday at 10PM.

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