Triangle” Lee Beom Soo And Lim Shi Wan Pretends Not To Know

Triangle" Lee Beom Soo And Lim Shi Wan Pretends Not To Know
Triangle" Lee Beom Soo And Lim Shi Wan Pretends Not To Know

“Triangle” Lee Beom Soo and Lim Shi Wan reunited again.

On the episode of MBC Monday/Tuesday drama “Triangle” broadcast on June 2, Jang Dong Soo (played by Lee Beom Soo) and Yoon Yang Ha (played by Lim Shi Wan) met each other for the first time in a long while.

On this day, Jang Dong Soo decided to collaborate with CEO Yoon (played by Kim Byung Ki) to help catch Ko Bok Tae (played by Kim Byung Ok).  As Ko Bok Tae’s actions continued, CEO Yoon put his hand out for Jang Dong SOo.

Before this, Jang Dong Soo had heard through his father’s colleague that CEO Yoon made Ko Bok Tae kill his father.  He was thus tense, and had a conversation with CEO Yoon.

At that time, CEO Yoon’s stepson Yoon Yang Ha appeared.  CEO Yoon said that Yoon Yang Ha would take care of getting rid of Ko Bok Tae and introduced Jang Dong Soo to Yoon Yang Ha.

Jang Dong Soo and Yoon Yang Ha are brothers by birth but didn’t know each others’ identity and met again through the introduction of CEO Yoon.  The two said hello and wecloem each toher and exchanged a funny and weird look.

Meanwhile, “Triangle” is about three brothers that get separated after an unfortunate incident.  The oldest brother becomes a police officer and the second brother becomes a third world bum.  The third brother grows up in a wealthy home and they end up meeting each other while not knowing each other.  It is broadcast every Monday and Tuesday at 10PM.

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