Triangle” Lim Shi Wan Asks Kim Byung Ok To Take Care Of Matters

Triangle" Lim Shi Wan Asks Kim Byung Ok To Take Care Of Matters
Triangle" Lim Shi Wan Asks Kim Byung Ok To Take Care Of Matters

Huh Young Dahl (played by Kim Jae Joong) was affected and lost to Yoon Yang Ha (played by Lim Shi Wan)’s strategies.

On the 10 episode of MBC Monday/Tuesday drama “Triangle” broadcast on June 3, Yoon Yang Ha learned that Huh Young Dahl had planned a fraudulent gambling at a large scale casino and set a trap.  After setting a trap, he waited for the longest time.

At this, Yoon Yang Ho arrested Jang Dong Soo (played by Lee Beom Joo) who started as the director of casino security and told him to go over to the police.  However, learning that Ko Bok Tae (played by Kim Byung Ok) and CEO Yoon (played by Kim Byung Ki) killed their father Jang Jung Gook, Jang Dong Soo told this to Huh Young Dahl.

Afterwards, Huh Young Dahl stopped the plans for illegal gambling but didn’t stop gaming.  To gain Ko Bok Tae’s faith, he chose to go on head on.  Huh Young Dahl ended up succeeding in getting the highest amount in the casino.

Yoon Yang Ha was again defeated by Huh Young Dahl and told Ko Bok Tae that Jang Dong Soo was Jang Jung Gook’s son.  At this, he said that “there’s someone that is putting a knife to our neck and I don’t think that CEO Ko and I have to fight” and Ko Bok Tae showed interest.

At this, Yoon Yang Ha said, “Huh Young Dahl, take care of him.  I want to make him rot in prison.”  The policemen that Ko Bok Tae bought arrested Huh Young Dahl.  Huh Young Dahl had no way of knowing this and went to Ko Bok Tae for help but faltered learning about the arrest in the police station.

Huh Young Dahl seems to be on the verge of losing everything because of his sibling Yoon Yang Ha as it’s interesting to see how everything will unfold.

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