“Triangle” Reaches Second Place As Two Brothers Reunite

“Triangle” Reaches Second Place As Two Brothers Reunite
“Triangle” Reaches Second Place As Two Brothers Reunite

  “Triangle,” the drama about three brothers who were separated as children, has finally reached second place. The drama has been stuck in third place behind “Doctor Stranger” and the revenge drama “Big Man.” Once “Big Man” ended its run, “Triangle” quickly rose to second place.

Although “Triangle” started out strong, on an equal footing with the competing dramas, the ratings fell, settling in the five to six percent range. Tuesday the drama’s ratings jumped to 8.6 percent.

The slow pacing of the 24-episode drama may have made it a less attractive option to some viewers but the show does have a lot to offer in terms of character development and first-rate performances. Veteran actor Lee Bum Soo and singers-turned-actors Kim Jaejoong and Im Si Wan each play their role with conviction. And viewers are finally experiencing the satisfaction of seeing at least two of the three brothers reunite. Whether the drama can hold viewers for an additional 8 episodes or until all three brothers have a reunion depends on how much of a following the latest competitor acquires.

That competitor is “Trot Lovers.” The romantic comedy about an aspiring trot singer and the arrogant has-been star who helps her break into show business is as light and bubbly as “Triangle” is dark and melancholy. The stars Jung Eun Ji and Ji Hyun Woo are entertaining and viewers may tune in just to watch Shin Sung Rok portray something other than the coldhearted villain he played in “You Who Came From The Stars.”

With its second episode “Trot Lovers” scored a healthy 5.8 percent while “Doctor Stranger,” starring Lee Jong Suk and Jin Se Yeon, remained in first place with 11.8 percent of the ratings. 

“Doctor Stranger” has four more episodes to go. It has been in first place almost since the beginning of its run, as the drama about a North Korean defector doctor boasts plenty of comic book charm and some excellent acting. Not only are the leads entertaining but second leads Park Hae Jin and Kang So Ra have also won praise for their performance. However, lately the plot has become rather predictable. Now that the espionage plot involving Jin Se Yeon’s character has been revealed and the plot developments remain mired in the improbable surgical competition between the doctors, it’s not unlikely that some viewers may lose interest.

Will “Triangle” ever be able to take first place? It’s possible.

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