Triple H And Stephanie McMahon Likely To Be Back For WWE RAW This Monday! Is ‘The Authority’ Going To Support Kane’s Move For Payback?

Looks like the self-proclaimed “Future of WWE,” Seth Rollins will be coming under fire from The Authority as Triple H and Stephanie McMahon return to WWE RAW this Monday.

Just a few days away from the upcoming WWE Payback pay-per-view in Baltimore, a report from PW Insider  hinted that both Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are scheduled to return to WWE on Monday night’s episode of RAW in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The Authority bosses, Paul Levesque (Triple H) and his wife Stephanie Vince McMahon, have been away for quite a bit.

As a result of Stephanie missing over a month of time from television due to the Eisenhower Fellowship, The Authority has not been unified in some time.

As much as the WWE fans dislike the couple, Triple H and Stephanie do bring in ratings.

That said, it wouldn’t be surprising if the ratings go up this Tuesday.

While the main authority was away, it seemed that WWE wanted to push Kane as a general manager of sorts.

The Big Red Monster can wrestle off and one and can still be used a wrestler when required.  Kane however doesn’t have to wrestle as often if he can work in an authoritative role.

The World Wrestling Entertainment realizes that it still have a lot left with Kane, thus by eliminating his ring time, WWE can use him in alternative roles more often for a longer period of time, Inquisitr  noted.

The story is supposed to be presented that Kane apparently took his role as Director of Operations too far while Triple H and Stephanie were away.

Nevertheless, since Seth Rollins as WWE World Heavyweight Champion has been presented as a brat over the last few weeks, nothing will alter for WWE Payback.

In fact, it won’t be a surprise if Tripe H and Stephanie support Kane, causing some tension as Rollins actually believes that things will change once Triple H and Stephanie return.

The Rollins-Authority feud will reportedly lead to several big challenges including an Elimination Chamber match for Rollins down the line.

Basically, Rollins is supposed to take thing so far that Stephanie lifts her suspension on “The Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar and has him come back to get his revenge on Rollins for taking his WWE World Heavyweight Title at WrestleMania 31.

Although it seems that Triple H and Stephanie’s role might change a bit, they will be in the same position as they always are.

WWE Universe will need to wait and watch what the couple does after they come back, but whatever they will do, will definitely be interesting to see.

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