‘True Blood’ Season 7 Premiered With A Bloody Mess And Killed A Fan Favorite; Will The Humans Of Bon Temps Trust Sookie Again?

“True Blood” season 7 premiere has been one of the most anticipated episodes of the TV series to date.

For starters, this will be the show’s final season. Fans are eager to know what will happen to the people and vampires of Bon Temps.

In season 6, Sam and Bill came up with a plan for a vampire-human team up as a solution to H-Vamps attacks.  However, the plan didn’t work to their advantage as the H-Vamps attacked and made a bloody mess out of Bon Temps in just the first episode of season 7.

“True Blood” season 7 episode 1 entitled “Jesus Gonna Be Here,” gives “True Blood” fans a glimpse of what this season will be like.  And since this will be the show’s finale season, fans are guaranteed to have a bloody good time.

Because of the H-Vamps attack, Tara was unfortunately killed. Tara remains to be one of the most crucial characters in the series, and her death was a shock to a lot of viewers.  But since Tara died off-screen, fans can’t help but speculate that she might resurface in future episodes of season 7.

Another fan favorite, Eric, was burnt to ashes in season 6.  The question still remains whether fans will see any of this rebel vampire in season 6.

According to previous reports, there is a big possibility of Eric returning in season 7, but viewers still need to wait whether that report is just purely rumor or not.

Then there’s Sookie.  She’s been having troubles keeping everyone’s thoughts out, and it proves to be very stressful for her since the humans of Bon Temps are thinking terrible thoughts about her.

In the “True Blood” season 7 premiere, Sookie finally addressed everyone and told them that she hear their thoughts. She also said that she knows vampires better than anyone there so they should let her help them.

Do you think the humans of Bon Temps will trust Sookie and let her help?

For more news about “True Blood” season 7, stay tuned here!

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