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‘Twenty Again’ Kim Min Jae Says Divorce Is Too Much

'Twenty Again' Kim Min Jae Says Divorce Is Too Much

In “Twenty Again” Kim Min Jae shouted to Choi Won young.
“Twenty Again” is about a woman named Ha No Ra who had been a mother since she had her child at the age of 19.  She becomes a new college student as this drama deals with all the episodes that happen. 

On the episode of tvN Friday/Saturday drama “Twenty Again” (script So Hyun Kyung, director Kim Hyung Shik) broadcast on September 26 th , Kim Min Soo found the divorce documents that showed that his parents were agreeing to divorce.
On this day, Min Soo went to Ra Yoon young (played by Jung Soo Young) and asked what had happened.  He there learned that the reason that his mother No Ra (played by Choi Ji Woo) went to college was because of his father Woo Chul (played by Choi Won Young).  His father was overly educated compared to his mother and she had felt a sense of inferiority.  With that, he was angry and went over to Woo Chul.
Min Soo said, “Is the reason that mom prepared for college really because of dad?  I saw the papers and I met Aunt Ra Yoon Young too. How could you do this?  My mom is my mom.  She was so good to us.  This is too much.”

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