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‘Twenty Again’ Lee Sang Yoon At Risk Of Divorce

'Twenty Again' Lee Sang Yoon At Risk Of Divorce

In “Twenty Again” Lee Sang Yoon learned about the unfortunate situation of Choi Ji Woo.
On the 12th episode of tvN Friday/Saturday drama “Twenty Again” (script So Hyun Kyung, director Kmi Hyung Shik) broadcast on October 2 nd , Cha Hyun Suk learned about the secret of Ha No R.

On this day, Cha Hyun Suk (played by Lee Sang Yoon) learned a bit of truth from Kim Yi Jin (played by Park Hyo Joo).  The fact was that Ha No Ra (played by Choi Ji Woo) and Kim Woo Chul (played by Choi Won Young) were realistically divorced.
Cha Hyun Suk was confused.  After finding about the endearing situation of Ha No Ra, Cha Hyun Suk made a very bitter face.
In “Twenty Again” Ha No Ra (played by Choi Ji Woo) is about a woman that had a child at the age of nineteen. With that, twenty years later, she returns to college and becomes a freshman all over again. This was all because she felt a bit inferior to her husband.  As she tries to go through with a divorce, this drama features a romantic comedy between her and her husband, and her son that helps her through in this family themed drama.

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