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UFC 200 Date And Venue Revealed But No Fights Have Been Announced For The Card Yet!

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Looks like good news for UFC fans as they can start making their plans for next year’s “International Fight Week,” UFC President Dana White announced.
UFC President Dana White announced Friday, July 10, that UFC 200 will take place on July 2 next year in Las Vegas at the still under-construction venue, MGM-AEG Arena, just west of MGM Grand Garden Arena.

In the past, the UFC has targeted July for some of its significant events such as UFC 100 on July 11.
White also continued to confer the notion that UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo does not have a broken rib. White commented on Aldo’s condition at the UFC Fan Expo on Friday, July 10, Wrestling Inc. noted.
Noting that Aldo would have had to cut 24 pounds with the injury, White said, “So what happened was, when the pictures went out onto the internet, right, and you saw this rib down here, that was an old injury.
That was an old injury that was calcified white. The real injury was the bruised rib and cartilage. He had a bruised rib and cartilage. And the big problem for Aldo in taking the fight wasn’t the fight. It was making weight.”
The MGM-AEG arena with 20,000 seats is situated on the east side of Las Vegas Boulevard. The arena broke ground in May 2014 and is scheduled to open next spring. The venue sits just behind the New York York casino. UFC Boss Dana White one of the several key speakers at the arena’s ground breaking.
“Every year, we just want to make this thing bigger and bigger,” White said.
According to reports on ESPN , no fights have been announced for the UFC 200 card. That being said, White had been promised the ability to hold the first sporting event in the venue.
“International Fight Week” this year features Saturday’s UFC 189 as its anchor event with “The Notorious” Conor McGregor vs. Chad Mendes in the headliner. Past UFC pay-per-view in the early July time period have featured UFC 175, which saw Chris Weidman beat Lyoto Machida in a middleweight title bout, UFC 162, which  saw Weidman beat Anderson Silva, UFC 148 saw a rematch between Silva and Chael Sonnen, and of course the landmark UFC 100 in July 2009, until now the best-selling pay-per-view in UFC history.

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