‘Under The Dome’ Producer Brian K. Vaughan Feels Grateful Working With Stephen King But Has To Leave The TV Series For Personal Reason; King Has Cameo Role In The Premiere Episode

The season 2 premiere of CBS’ “Under the Dome” kicks off this June 30, but Brian K. Vaughan is no longer be part of the TV show.

Producer Vaughan decided to leave the TV series to be with his family. He said that it was a great experience to be working with renowned writer Stephen King, but that he spent little time with his family since he joined the show. “It was one of the best experiences of my creative life, but it was also a really long time to be apart from my family, who I’ve seen way too little of since I started helping to develop Dome years ago, so I decided to step away from the show,” he said in an interview, published at Digital Spy.

He seems to miss writing graphic novels because he wants to return to creating comic books. In 2012, Vaughan launched his epic space opera/fantasy comic book series “Saga”, which is published by Image Comics. Fiona Staples helps him with the illustrations.

Before leaving the show, Vaughan penned the pilot and one episode for the season 2 with Neal Baer and co-wrote with Scott Gold for the season finale.

Meanwhile, Stephen King gave a different teaser for the season premiere of “Under the Dome”. [SPOILER ALERT!] He read the opening of episode 1 entitled “Heads will Roll” with scene starts in Sam’s Cabin and described the day with alternating brilliant white and darkness.

“A finger flicks the dome and it glares bright white again. We pull back and see it’s the bulb of a lamp without a shade. We’re in the living room of Sam’s Cabin, the bachelor pad of a man who was drinking hard until two weeks ago and hasn’t done much housekeeping since,” he continued.

King has a cameo role in the season 2 premiere.

The show rating proves the dedication and talents of people involved in the development of the TV series as it got its best with a 3.2 rating with 13.1 million total viewers. It is now one of most-watched dramas in the world.

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